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"Jesse Jackson says we should 'keep hope alive', and I add, keep the faith, because your beginning will not be your end."

La Becky Roe, Founder

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Hello Caregivers.
Welcome to Our Family.

A Message from Our Founder

Hello parents, loved ones, and caregivers. Thank you for taking the time to explore Let's Talk About It- The Autism Center. I hope you find this community beneficial as you care for your loved one on the autism spectrum, and I hope we inspire you to also practice self-care. Take care of yourself because you will be your child's biggest cheerleader and advocate.

As the mother of an adult son with autism, I know the challenges that accompany a diagnosis, but I also know the power of determination, and not just that of the caregiver, but the individual on the spectrum as well. My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 with severe autism. Now, an adult, he is diagnosed with high functioning autism. This is because he was encouraged to do and be his best.
When it comes to a diagnosis of autism, do not be discouraged, be intentional. Every small step is a success and there is so much success ahead of you.

Welcome to the family,



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A Supportive Hug

Be Heard.
Be Supported.
Be Empowered.

You are not alone on your journey.
Connect with a community of caregivers just like you.

Join Us in a Safe Space.

Let's Talk About It- The Autism Center is a safe space for caregivers to learn, grow, and practice self-care so they can better care for their loved ones. We are honored to have you join us. Please tell us a little more about you using the form below.

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We Put Caregivers First.

Explore the ways we're keeping
you at the heart of all that we do.


Attend Our Monthly Virtual Support Group

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Experience a Podcast Exclusively for ASD Caregivers

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Be Encouraged, Caregivers.

Together, We'll Go Far.

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