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Discover hope, happiness, and newfound peace as autism subject matter expert, La Becky Roe, gently guides parents from fear and frustration toward a lighthearted and empowered perspective. As the mother of an adult son with autism and the founder of an award-winning organization, La Becky advocates for persons with mental health disorders while providing comfort to their caregivers with reassuring reminders that all will be well.

Spectrum of a Journey: A Guided Journal for the Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum is home to beautiful affirmations and bold actions for advocacy. Overflowing with carefully curated prompts, each page delivers endless encouragement for families chosen to care for loved ones who not only add more color to their lives but to our world.

Book Reviews

"What I love most is it’s empowering element. It helps capture your strengths and areas to build on. 

This journal is helpful to those with a loved one on the spectrum to those assisting someone needing support. It is beautiful from cover to cover. I hope this author continues build a collection of resources likes this one. I will be on the look out for the next . I am glad I got a chance to experience her in

person at the book release."

—Miriam P.

"In her Guided Journal, LaBecky Roe shares her struggles and triumphs in raising a child with Autism and she encourages families with sound wisdom, loving support and practical - applicable steps along their journey."

—BreAnna W.

"What a wonderful way for parents/caregivers of children on the Autism spectrum to journal their thoughts and feelings! Grab your copy today!"

—Pink Butterfly

"I am impressed and inspired by Ms. Roe's determination and dedication to get her son the help he needed. I love the daily affirmations and the journal. Although this book was written for caregivers of children with Autism, it can certainly be used by all caregivers who are experiencing trying times. This book is a great source of inspiration and I recommend it for all caregivers."

—Ramona S.

You are not alone.

You were chosen
for this journey.

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