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Using a holistic and communal approach that involves caregivers, families, and communities, we provide programs to address the needs and complement the strengths of our target population. In addition to internal programming, we regularly partner with peer organizations, corporations, and institutions to advance shared initiatives for the ASD community.


Caring for Caregivers

To effectively contribute to the well-being of individuals with ASD, we must first ensure their caregivers are adequately informed, equipped, and supported. Caregivers are no strangers to the barriers that exist for their loved ones. Our organization recognizes their resiliency and creativity and combines those strengths with high quality education. Our workshops, classes, and support groups equip caregivers with knowledge of best practices, tools, and resources to effectively advocate for their loved one.


Program Area of Focus:

Caregiver Education & Support


Program Objective:

We assist families with the implementation of success strategies and systems ensuring they are aware of their options and how to best advocate for their loved one with ASD.

Program Deliverables:

  • Workshops

  • Parent/Client Advocacy

  • Community Support
    -Autism Optimist Circle Support Group
    -Autism in Color Podcast

  • Resource Navigation for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver in need of support?

Skills for Life

With a belief that persons with ASD can be contributors to their own success, we maximize their potential through capability assessments, IEP support, life and social skill development, and job readiness training. Furthermore, we believe when we encourage individuals with ASD to contribute to their own success, we empower them to partner with caregivers toward a common goal.


Program Area of Focus:

Life Skill Development & Job Training


Program Objective:

We assess the behavior, capabilities, and existing routines of individuals with ASD to identify challenges and make recommendations based on ASD best practices. Formulating a customized action plan from assessment findings, we help to develop the life and vocational skills of persons on the autism spectrum ensuring they have the necessary tools
to achieve their highest aspirations.

Program Deliverables:

  • Capability Assessments

  • IEP Support

  • Development plans for socialization, hygiene, reading, writing, nutrition, safety, money management, and personal etiquette skills to become self-sufficient adults


Let's work together to enhance your loved one's skills.


Communities United

Educating the public is an integral part of our work, and we extend our impact and reach through community partnerships. Our collaborations with non-profits and businesses allow us to serve a larger segment of our target population in a shared effort to support caregivers and create inclusion, employment, and volunteer opportunities.


Program Area of Focus:

Community Education & Advocacy


Program Objective:

Through private and public partnerships, we deliver education and training to individuals, employers, schools, daycare centers, and public-facing professionals to reduce misconceptions related to ASD
and equip workshop attendees with the skills required to effectively engage with and/or support individuals with autism.

Program Deliverables:

  • Workshops
    -Fundamentals of Autism: How to identify autism through behaviors and behavior patterns

    -Communication 101: Best practices for engaging with persons with autism (i.e. identifying and reducing triggers for improved interactions with persons with autism)

    -Autism Has No Look: Assessing personal perceptions and adjusting autism misconceptions

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