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Educating Communities on the Challenges and Capabilities of Persons with ASD

We advance the social, academic, and vocational development of individuals on the autism spectrum with a focus on youth ages 3 to 25 years. Lending our time, talent, resources, and relationships, we facilitate greater opportunity for these youth while delivering hope, health, and a sense of community to their caregivers.


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"We're keeping autism on the table and in the conversation."

Award-Winning Performance

  Our passion for ASD advocacy is visible through our performance, and we are proud to be the recipients of the following awards:

2021 CIT Supporter of the Year

2021 Dr. Annie Lawrence Mental Health Award

2021 Eustress Community Organization of the Year Award

2019 Crisis Intervention Team Member of the Year Award

We're Trusted By

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What People Are Saying...

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La Becky consistently receives high satisfaction ratings. Law enforcement leave her presentation feeling more prepared to assist individuals and families with Autism experiencing crisis. Her techniques for engaging the class create an environment with open dialogue about previous personal or professional experiences with those who have Autism, and officers feel comfortable speaking with and asking questions of her afterwards about their own personal experiences.

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Hard Knocks is having grit, compassion, confidence, being passionate, and caring about the Autism Community. You tend to the things you love, and this organization has the capacity to take good care of what they firmly believe in. The Autism Optimist Support Circle is here to make a difference, even if it is only one person at a time. They are stewards of the Autism world, and they are the change that Autism needs. This group is the Avengers of the Autism World, and I encourage anyone who feels isolated or separated from the Autism world to partake in this group. They gave me hope and I’m grateful for that."

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The Autism presentation conducted by Ms. LaBecky Roe was phenomenal!  I learned some valuable information, regarding how to interact with autistic individuals.  Understanding their needs, frustrations, habits, intelligence, and abilities were key factors.  Realizing that autistic persons are not inferior, but their survival skills, their desire to achieve, and their capacity to learn. It was truly an informative presentation.  Greatly done!!!  


I had a chance to work with Ms. La Becky Roe with the organization “Let’s Talk About It -The Autism Center. I was so grateful to have met her.  As a mom with a son who has autism, to have someone like Ms. La Becky Roe who truly understands and truly knows how to help parents like myself is so important. I truly recommend anyone with a child who has autism, needing help with services, or learning about autism to contact Ms. La Becky Roe. Not only will your child benefit from the organization, but as a parent, you too will learn so much to help support your child.


I was referred to LaBecky by a mutual friend and I am so glad they did. She spoke at our annual Autism Gala and simply wowed my audience. She was a wealth of knowledge to my audience and shared her personal story of how she went from a parent of an autistic son to an advocate for many families across the nation. She would be a wonderful asset to any organization that she comes across. I highly recommend you add Ms. Roe to your clientele list of amazing speakers. 

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"I have yet to meet anyone with a passion for autism advocacy as large as the team at Let's Talk About- the Autism Center. They diligently work to transform outdated opinions of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and they encourage us to recognize their value in the world.

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Are you ready to join us in supporting persons on the autism spectrum and their caregivers? Find out how you can help.

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